PDA-MF Series

Rapid Identification and Analysis of Unknown Samples
The powerful database of global standard alloy grades and the new Positive Material Identification (PMI) software enable the PDA-MF series to determine the composition and alloy grade of a material rapidly, with a single excitation, thus realize the easy and prompt identification and analysis of unknown samples. The PDA-MF series has already become a key tool in the quality control systems including the raw material evaluation, semi-finished product test and finished product re-inspection used by the metal material manufacturers, the machining process companies as well as the third-party inspection organizations.

Ultimate Pursuit for Low Running Costs
Using the innovative smart calibration function (S.Cal), a single sample can be used to finish all standardizations, so it is possible to drastically reduce running costs such as costs for samples and argon gas. With the new computer controlled Argon Saving Management Mode (ASMM), the instrument can switch automatically between the analysis, standby, and idle states to reduce the consumption of argon gas to a minimum.

Easy to Handle the Measurement of Various Special Samples
The design of the three-sided open spark stand and the sliding sample-pressuring rod ensures precise measurement of any sample size. By selecting a special designed sample fixture, special sample such as thin sheets, bars, and small samples can be analyzed easily. Designed by ergonomics experts and tested through on-site experiments, the new excitation table is safe and convenient. The excitation table cover-plate can be easily opened without removing the table or using any special tools, which enables routine maintenance to be performed more easily and conveniently.